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Severn Area Rescue Association

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The Severn Area Rescue Association serves the people of the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean – as well as the Severn.


SARA, is it is known, has 5 Rescue Stations, including at Beachley (near Chepstow) and at Tewkesbury.   It is formed of volunteers from across the area, who come from all walks of life.

The SARA Teams carry out searches and rescues in support of the Police and the Fire & Rescue Service, as well as the Coastguard.   They can be called out from home or work, at any time of the day or night.


Typical searches are of wooded areas, or in rivers – where the specialist water rescue team might deploy a small boat or a floating platform.   The lifeboats from Beachley can reach as far up the Wye as Bigsweir Bridge on a high tide, or they can be launched off the river bank almost anywhere.

SARA Beachley is also a Mountain Rescue post, with specialist responsibility for Cliff Rescue on the Wye Valley cliffs and quarries.   Sometimes the quickest way to get an injured climber on the Wye Valley cliffs to an ambulance is to use a lifeboat, so all different teams have to work together.


SARA is recruiting at the moment, both for new operational team members and for Supporters.   Fundraisers help to raise the essential money, which is needed to keep the Station operational. Other Supporters have skills such as administration and vehicle mechanics which are essential to keeping the operation going.

Whether you are thinking about training to become operational crew, or to help in other ways, download and send-in the Application Form from, or contact if you would like more information.

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