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The Raglan Arms

, / 1652

It is often thought, and I think you’ll agree, that the best places (be it a restaurant, pub or shop) are always the ones that are hidden away. The kind of places that are tucked away between villages, housed in an old arcade in the centre of the city or hidden away down a country road. They hold a certain mysticism as you feel as if you have stumbled upon some sort of magic kingdom. The kind of place that fully deserves the title of ‘Hidden Gem’. The Raglan Arms is one of these places… and here is why.


Hidden away in the heart of Monmouthshire between Raglan and Usk, the Raglan Arms is located within the small village of Llandenny. The village itself holds a sort of vintage, Victorian era magic as it is not more than a single street containing houses, a church and the Raglan Arms. You do have to search for this hidden restaurant, but it is very much worth the trouble.

Inside the Raglan Arms you truly feel the sense of community that runs through the small village with the atmosphere feeling very relaxed and comfortable. However this does not mean that their quality of service is anything but the finest. Chef Matthew Long has brought his experiences from working in both a Michelin Star Restaurant as well as for the Sahara Force India Formula One team to the Raglan Arms, using his expert skills to make sure the food produced is simply incredible. Almost every ingredient is locally sourced from within 10 miles of Landenny with the exception being the fish. The fish is actually transported from Cornwall from a supplier that almost exclusively works with only the top end London restaurants, the exclusions to this being a single restaurant in Cornwall and the Raglan Arms. So you are guaranteed great quality fish.

Due to its rural location the Raglan Arms is open for lunch from 12pm until 2:30pm, and then for dinner from 6:30pm until 9pm. On Sundays they do an incredible roast from 12pm until 2:30pm with a two course meal for £18 and a three course meal for a tiny £24. With Christmas well on its way they have also created a dedicated party menu full of incredible quality versions of all your holiday favourites.

So the next time you are in the mood to explore, to find a place with a sense of magic surrounding it, think of the Raglan Arms.

A recent introduction to the choice of menus being offered at the Raglan Arms is the Chef’s Winter Supper Club. Available, Tuesday through to Thursday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm the choice is 3 dishes of each starters, mains and desserts from a weekly changing menu for an incredible £18 two courses or £22 for three courses. All orders have to be placed by 7.30pm.

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