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Lustral Exhibition

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Lustral’ is a visual arts exhibition taking place at the Canwood Gallery in Checkley, near Hereford. Hosted by, and showing the work of twelve Level 5 Fine Art degree students from Hereford College of Arts, it will offer the chance to discover some new, up-and-coming artists.


The exhibition will present a wide range of thought provoking contemporary artworks, featuring sensory experiences, installations and live performance. It will take place within all three main areas of the venue; the upper and ground floor galleries and the large, open plan barn. There will also be works placed around the outside areas of the buildings.

The fine artists are using this opportunity to support People in Motion, a charitable incorporated organisation that provide support and aid to displaced people. The group invite attendants of the exhibition to share donations in the form of useful items as an ongoing collaborative artwork. A bathtub will be situated in the gallery space to hold collection of the donations.

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A word from some of the artists:

Hugo smith
‘I playfully manipulate sounds and images to explore the uncharted territories of conscious experience, seeking to re-appropriate and create ineffable sensations, developing connective moments of intensity and ambiguous catalysts for contemplation.

Sound and video are natural and appropriate media with which to explore and articulate the temporal nature of experience, and as constituents in immersive and sometimes relational multimedia installations informed by an interest in Deleuzian rhizomatic relationships and art as the encounter.’

Georgia Yates
‘In my work I have a keen interest in the performance of colour, the traces, patterns and textures created as it dances upon a canvas.

It is particularly the theatrics of the process when creating the work that I find to be so enticing, the merging pools that create bold, flamboyant shapes in a liquid spectrum.

The outcome of the work is in a sense the final performance, often left a mystery to me as I experiment with different substrates, the accidental and intentional combining to create the final piece.

It is the movement and change of the colours that I find to be of the most interest and am trying various different ways in exploring the motion and evolution of colour in my work.’

Karl Klews
Confront the already-seen to produce new images which I hope will transcend cultural and temporal boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from an earlier grammar of ornament, I explore the possibilities of improving, altering, or re-contextualising existing forms and structures to create an alternative visual language.

 Katie Rose Gregory
‘As a young female Artist, my work transpires to unearth the commodity of the social construct named femininity. I like to explore the different uses and experimental outcomes of various mediums in contemporary practice. My work corresponds to a tactile aesthetic appeal, specifically working with neutral colours and materials with a delicate matter.

The representation of women and sexuality whilst speculating exactly what defines a woman are topics I seek in my practice and research. My works are an answer to my exploration of what defines femininity with a celebratory element of embracing being a female but also with a raised contemplation of this social commodity.’

Holly Vivers-Humphreys
‘Through means of performance I explore liberating and instinctual movement whilst suspended in the air. I seek to gesture the inescapable trace we leave behind and the inevitability of movement itself.  Observing the nature of interactions between space, people, objects and materials. My inspiration comes from childlike playfulness and emotion driven artwork. Music is a powerful source of inspiration to me which captivates an emotion.’

Nathan Gorton

‘I am currently exploring how our changing relationship to the natural environment is changing us. Considering the landscape as a palimpsest of traces left behind by human activity and natural processes.

Contemplating the ineffable experience of a sense of place. Stumbling upon intriguing juxtapositions of man made and natural forms.. Using drawing as a tunnel through which to descend to a more still and perceptive state. Hoping to elucidate something intuited.’

Abbie Phillip 
‘I’m particularly interested in portraiture and in the unique combination and relationship of facial features. I’m fascinated by the range and diversity of facial attributes, particularly those in stark contrast to my own.

My work is continually evolving through experimentation with the use of traditional mediums such as charcoal, acrylic and oil pastel. When I make a portrait, I might choose to alter or exaggerate features to bring attention to some characteristics more than others; my drawings are not solely about objective accuracy but are informed by my own perceptions and feeling.

The aim of this body of work is to explore ideas surrounding visual memory and recall through the amalgamation of the distorted and the clarified.’

Andrea Fortune
‘Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans, my work looks to explore the contemporary unacceptable within society, the voluptuous feminine form, the imperfections that often goes unnoticed. We women cant always look like Aphrodite with flawless skin which is often marred by imperfections, the disgusted look on societies face as skin folds over skin’

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The Exhibition will be open to the public on the following dates:

Saturday 21st Private View 6pm-9pm


-Sunday 22nd April
-Thursday 26th April
-Friday 27th April
-Saturday 28th April
-Sunday 29th April
-Thursday 3rd may
-Friday 4th May
-Saturday 5th May
-Sunday 6th May

-Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday)

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